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JXSC has been the leading source of professional mining processing equipment for nearly four decades. Here’s a look back at our profound history.

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Seeing a lack in the industry and better serving customers all over the world, the founder took over the company in 1985 to fill the gap. Originally, JXSC was founded as a township and village enterprise.
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After nearly a year of functioning as a public enterprise, JXSC underwent a crucial restructuring process. During this time, the owner’s father, who also functions as the factory director, took over and privatized the company.


Further Development Explosion
Aiming for further growth, JXSC strengthened its domestic trade capabilities. Additionally, understanding the power of budding internet technology, we slowly established our presence on the online trade scene.


Foreign Trade Extension
This year, we obtained import and export rights, a crucial step in serving a global audience. We also started our Ministry of Foreign Trade to aid in international transactions. Additionally, this year saw the opening of our Alibaba platform.


Harvest Year

In our effort to become a globally-competitive manufacturer that any brand could trust, we secured essential certifications from ISO9001 and ISO2008. Eighteen product patents also saw certification this year.

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Factory Expansion
We moved to a larger factory this year after observing that the original facility could only produce small and medium-sized equipment. Along with the larger space, we can create larger ball mills, cone crushers, and other large equipment.
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