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Make JXSC your jaw crusher supplier of choice, as we are committed to manufacturing high-quality jaw crushers that efficiently transform large material chunks into fine grains or powdery material. Tailoring to the specific needs of the quarrying, metallurgical and allied industries, we offer custom feeding opening designs to meet diverse material processing requirements.


Boost your crushing efficiency and reduce downtime with JXSC’s expertly crafted jaw crushers. Tailored to meet your mining needs and 100% compliant with global standards like JORC, Valmin, NI43-101, and ISO19001, we ensure top-quality crushers for your projects. Choose JXSC as your jaw crusher company for match your mining project’s exact needs seamlessly!

About JXSC Jaw Crusher

Set at the front of the rock crushing plant, our jaw crushers are compression-type crushers made with a fixed jaw and moving jaw to reduce hard rocks to a fine size. With their high crushing capacity for harder materials, jaw crushers are an affordable alternative to most known crushers, such as primary crushers.

Thanks to their wear-resistant material and sturdy design, the jaws readily crush rocks in one stroke. As such, our jaw crushers are an affordable feature for any rock-crushing plant.

Why Choose Our Jaw Crushers

Jaw Crushers

Equipment Case

Brand new steel is used to produce our jaw crusher. We can also use low-carbon steel welded bodies with heat treatment for stress relief.




We use high-quality motors at home and abroad. You can customize a specific motor according to your needs.






Precision machined heat-treated steel eccentric shaft. The larger eccentricity of the connecting rod shaft provides the motion that pushes the material to the bottom of the jaws.






Branded and quality bearings provide maximum strength to the pitman shaft and bearings for a long extended maintenance life.



Simple Structure, High Wear Resistance

Easy to use with a simple structure; high-wear-resistant movable jaw and forged eccentric shaft, paired with an integral cast steel bearing housing, facilitate maintenance; ensures stable performance while reducing operational costs.

Optimized Crushing Chamber

Deep cavity “tiger mouth” structure with a symmetrical “V” shape, no blind spots, enhances feeding capacity and productivity, ensuring efficient crushing and load-bearing ability.

Efficient Crushing Capability

Designed for abrasive hard rock with an aggressively-shaped nip angle, continuously reducing high-hardness materials, increases operational uptime; high crushing ratio with uniform product size.

Flexible Discharge Opening Adjustment

Reliable and convenient gasket type discharging mouth adjusting device, with a wide range of adjustments, increases equipment flexibility.

Easy Maintenance

Safe and reliable lubrication system with a hydraulic oil station that supplies oil to necessary machine parts; hydraulic control for straightforward cavity clearing, low parts replacement and maintenance workload.

Energy Saving

Precise planning and optimized design, stand-alone energy saving is 15% ~ 30%, the system energy saving is more than double that, cutting energy and labor costs.

Wide Applicability

An extensive range of discharge adjustments meets diverse user needs, suitable for various applications in sand, aggregate processing, and mineral crushing.

Eco-Friendly Design

Enclosed crushing structure and dust collection system effectively reduce noise and dust emissions, improving the working environment.

Types of Jaw Crusher Available in JXSC

JXSC, as your jaw crusher manufacturers, custom crushers for your project needs. There are many types of jaw crusher machine, and they are chosen for particular scenes based on their qualities. Each model is engineered with specific features to handle different materials and operational requirements effectively.


ModelFeed Opening(mm)Feeding Size(mm)Adjusting Range Of                 Discharge Opening (mm)Capacity(t/h)Rotation Speed Of                 Eccentric Shaft(r/min)Power(Kw)Weight(t)Dimensions(mm)


Jaw Crusher Working Principle

A jaw crusher functions based on the reciprocating movement of its movable jaw, essential for compressing and breaking down ores into smaller pieces.

This process starts as the motor activates the belt and pulley, setting the jaw plate into motion up and down through an eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw ascends, it draws the movable jaw plate towards the fixed one, leading to the material being squeezed, rubbed, rolled, and crushed in various ways. As the angle between the movable and fixed jaw plates decreases, the materials get discharged from the crushing chamber’s lower opening.

This continuous operation, driven by the motor’s rotation, ensures regular crushing and discharging of materials, thus enabling mass production.


Jaw Crusher Parts

jaw crusher working principle
Engineers discuss how to upgrade machinery in the exhibition hall

China Jaw Crusher Factory
Built to Trust, Built to Last

Capacity & Equipment Converge

30,000 sqm facility equipped with advanced tools like lathes, cutting and drilling machines, and heavy-duty cranes.

Proven Expertise

37+ years in mining, delivering 40+ mineral solutions with a team of 100+ workers and 20+ experts ensuring project quality.

Winning Customer Trust

98% customer satisfaction rate, efficiently serving over 500 clients with precision and quality.

Certified Global Excellence

37 years partnering globally, delivering SGS, TUV, and ISO certified mineral processing equipments.

Dependable China Jaw Crusher Machine Company

As one of China’s premier jaw crusher suppliers, JXSC stands out for its commitment to quality and reliability. We are not only renowned as jaw crusher plant manufacturers, but also as innovators and industry leaders, continually advancing technology in our field to meet diverse client needs with precision and efficiency.

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Top Materials & Branded Components

Partnering with industry leaders like SKF and Siemens, our use of superior materials ensures high-quality bearings, motors, gearboxes, and conveyors for efficiency, low maintenance, and strong ROI.

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Quality Uncompromised

Comprehensive inspections covering appearance, welding, cutting, dimensions, steel plate thickness, alongside supplier evaluations and mineral testing, ensure each unit operates smoothly, without noise or overheating.

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Customized Solutions

Leveraging advanced CAD and 3D technologies for precise production line design and 3D demonstrations, with options for custom appearance, components, materials, and unique logo designs.

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Effortless EPC Process

Comprehensive turnkey mineral processing EPC services cover everything from design and manufacturing to procurement and commissioning, minimizing management costs and project risks.

Comprehensive Service Support

Offering a full suite of services including installation, sales, training, and support, our expert team ensures rapid response and tailored solutions for global clients, all within 24 hours.

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Reliable After-Sales

Providing a one-year warranty for machine and rapid repair assistance via video calls, with an initial supply of 2 spare parts sets and quick access to replacements, ensuring prompt, efficient support to minimize downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jaw crushers are large pieces of equipment for processing rocks in ore and mineral processing plants. Though initially developed for crushing stone, it has been dramatically improved over the years to process materials in pits, quarries, gold or mineral recovery, and recycling plants.

The main difference between a jaw crusher and an impact crusher is the material that it can handle and the processing size of minerals:

● Jaw crushers process harder rocks like granite, basalt, ores, and concrete.

● Impact crushers work best with semi-hard materials like clay, limestone, coal, and dolomite.

And the processing sizes of the output minerals of the two rock crushers are slightly different. Jaw crushers are generally used for primary crushing.

To break down large materials into manageable pieces, jaw crushers use the compressing force of two crushing jaws. Commonly called the “chewing movement” of the machine, the repeated mechanical pressure brought by these jaws is responsible for processing the large chunks.

Developing a custom jaw crusher specifically designed for your market’s demands has never been simpler than with JXSC. Simply provide us with your requirements, like processing materials, capacity, and other details, and we’ll start creating them for you once we receive your order.

Jaw crushers are typically used as the primary crusher in many processing plants and quarries due to their ease of handling the toughest materials. Its loading range includes dry to slightly wet materials.


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