Roll Crushers

Efficient Fine Crushing and Good Grain shape

Our roll crusher can perform medium and fine crushing of medium-hard or soft ores. Made of advanced materials, the parts wear less. There is the less over-crushing phenomenon during crushing, and it can also crush sticky and wet materials. The crushed products are mostly cube-shaped, high-quality and fine-grained. JXSC can configure double or four roll crushers according to specific needs.

Brief Intro

The roll crusher can crush materials with compressive strength ≤ 160MPa. Mainly used for crushing iron ore, quartz stone, rock gold, rock tantalum niobium ore, rock tin ore, rock tungsten ore, manganese ore, copper ore, bauxite, barite, basalt and other ores. Also known as roll sand making machine, it is often used in medium and fine crushing production lines of limestone, pebbles, cinder, coke, steel slag, slag and other materials. The output fineness can be adjusted by adjusting the wedge block or spacer between the two rollers, and the ideal finished product particle size can be easily obtained.

Why Choose Our Roll Crushers

Double roll crusher

Roll Body Optimization


The abrasive roll body of the roll crusher has been re-optimized, and the equipment does not need to be replaced for the lifetime of the equipment.


Wear Lining


The grinding roller of the roller crusher is equipped with a replaceable wear-resistant liner, which is made of domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, has a long service life and is not easy to be damaged.


Security Setup


The roll crusher is equipped with a safety protection device. When an accidental metal iron piece enters the crushing chamber, the protection device will act and the equipment will operate normally if the iron piece leaks out.




The equipment is designed with a low-slung motion mechanism to provide a larger crushing ratio, and the crushed material is in the shape of a cube.



1. Widely used sand-making machine or crusher in sand-making or mineral processing plants, with strong applicability and wide range.

2. The feed particle size is medium, the output particle size is adjustable, the water requirement is low, the power consumption is low, and it can adapt to various on-site environments.

3. Compact structure, light weight, small volume, small space occupation, convenient operation and maintenance.

4. The inside of the roller crusher is equipped with a dust-proof plate, which has good sealing performance, and avoids the splashing of fine materials after crushing.

5. The abrasive roller body does not need to be replaced frequently, the maintenance amount is small, and the cost is low.

6. There are protective devices inside, the operation is stable, safe and reliable.

7. It adopts new manufacturing technology and special structural design, and the finished product is cube-shaped, and the grain shape is quite good.

8. It is made of wear-resistant materials and incorporates special design technology to ensure the reliability of quality, reduce failures and reduce wear and tear.

9. Less dust, low working noise, less dusting phenomenon, greatly improved working environment.

Roll Crushers Working Principle

The material falls vertically into the crushing cavity from the upper part of the crusher. The two rollers are driven by the motor, and the strong pressure generated between the two rollers squeezes and crushes. Under the action of friction on the surface of the rollers, the material is pulled into between the rotating rollers and crushed by the extrusion of the rollers. The gap between the two rollers becomes larger, and the discharge granularity of the material becomes larger; under the action of the compression spring, the gap between the two rollers becomes smaller, and the discharge granularity becomes smaller. The crushed material is pushed out by the rotating roller and discharged downward.

Double roll crusher


ModelFeeding size(mm)Discharge size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)Dimensions(mm)


Frequently Asked Questions

According to these aspects: raw material feeding size, required output size, material hardness.

12 Months for machine main parts, Exclude spare parts.

7-20 days depends on the model, normally 10 days.

 Iron ore, quartzite, rock gold, rock tantalum niobium ore, rock tin ore, rock tungsten ore, manganese ore, titanium ore, potassium albite, limestone, river pebble, copper ore, bauxite, barite, basalt and so on.

Feeding size below 100mm ; Output size can be 2-8mm,0.5-30mm depends on customer requirement.

Regularly add lubricating oil or grease to bearings, gears and other parts with bearings, check bolt and nuts, replace the spare parts, such as small gear, ect. So the injection of lubricating oil is clean, good seal. The main oil filling place of the machine:

(1) rotating bearing;

(2) roll bearing;

(3) all gear;

(4) active bearing, sliding plane.

Medium feeding size, adjustable discharging size, with low maintenance cost, low water requirements, reliable performance, less power consumption, less dust, low noise characteristics, etc.

Rod barrel, spring, triangle belt, motor, etc.


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