Wheel Sand Washer

High Cleaning Rate And Sand Washing Standard

Our wheel sand washer is an important washing equipment for ore, artificial sand and natural sand. It is mainly used for washing and removing impurities in sand and gravel in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, hydropower stations, concrete dam construction sites and other industries. JXSC can configure single-wheel, double-wheel or multiple wheel-type sand washing machines according to the actual situation, which can fully meet the customer’s requirements for high-clean sand and gravel and large processing capacity.

Brief Intro

The wheel sand washer also called wheel bucket or wheel-type sand washing machine. Our wheel sand washer mainly cleans the impurities in the sand and gravel, and the finished product has a high degree of cleanliness. Reliable transmission device with large production capacity. Mainly used for limestone, granite, pebble sand, marble sand, river sand, beach sand and other natural or artificial sand washing and sand making plants. Our wheel sand washer is often used with sand making machines or dewatering screens as high-efficiency sand washing equipment. Make the finished sand meet the national construction sand and road construction sand standards.

Why Choose Our Wheel Sand Washer

Wheel sand washer

Gearing Device


The entire "Ferris wheel" drive is isolated from water and wetted materials, preventing damage to the bearings due to water immersion, sand and contaminants.


Wear-resistant Material


The screen is made of unique material that can resist wear and corrosion, so that it can operate normally in any harsh environment and greatly extend its service life.


Automation Design


Our wheel-type sand washer has adverse reactions during work, and it can issue a warning, which is safe and reliable to use.



1. This sand washing machine can clean materials including ore, artificial sand and natural sand. It has many applications and provides high-quality sand and gravel resources for the market.

2. It can completely wash away trace stone powder and impurities in the sand produced by the sand making machine, with high cleaning degree.

3. During the sand washing process, the sand and stone powder loss is small, and the sand grade and fineness modulus fully meet the standards for construction sand.

4. The wheel sand washing machine has a large amount of sand washing, improved sand washing efficiency, and low energy consumption, creating more considerable economic profits for customers.

5. It runs smoothly and can work with high productivity for a long time. Sealed structure, no pollution, can adapt to various working environments.

6. The screen is made of wear-resistant material, its transmission part is isolated from water and sand, low failure rate, long service life and saving cost.

7. Our wheel sand washer consumes less water, and the water after cleaning the stone can be recycled without wasting water resources.

8. Our wheel sand washer can also improve the utilization rate of resources. It can wash the discarded pebbles and limestone by the river, increase the amount of sand washing, reduce the cost of sand making, fully protect natural sand and stone resources, and strengthen environmental protection.

Wheel Sand Washer Working Principle

The wheel sand washing machine mainly relies on the continuous turning of the impeller to clean the stone. The motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after being decelerated by the V-belt, reducer and gear. The sand enters the washing tank through the feeding tank, rolls and grinds each other under the drive of the impeller. In addition to removing impurities covering the surface of sand and gravel and destroying the water vapor layer covering the sand, it is more conducive to dehydration. In addition, by continuously adding water to form a strong water flow, impurities and impurities with small specific gravity are taken away in a more timely manner, and are discharged from the overflow groove to complete the cleaning function. The blades take away the clean sand, and finally the sand is poured into the discharge chute from the rotating impeller to complete the washing of the sand.

Wheel sand washer


ModelDia of Bucket Wheel(MM)Capacity (T/H)Power(KW)Weight(KG)


Frequently Asked Questions

We need to know the following information:

(1) What is the raw material for washing?

(2) How much processing capacity is required?

(3) What is the feed particle size?

According to the different production capacity, the wheel sand washing machine can be divided into single wheel, two wheels or multiple wheels, the more the number of wheels, the higher the output. The single wheel is more suitable for small and medium-sized sand washing plants, while the double wheel is suitable for some large sand washing plants with higher output requirements. Specifically, you need to contact our professional engineers to configure a suitable sand washing machine according to production requirements.

20-40 days depends on model, normally 30 days.

Frame vibration is usually caused by loose coupling frame bolts or loose bearing housing bolts. Check and tighten the bolts to solve it.

Noise usually caused by lack of gear lubrication or pitch changes. It can be solved by adding grease or adjusting and tightening the bolts of the reducer.

(1) The surface paint of the sand washing machine should be inspected and then packed according to the standard. Anti-rust work before storage; after the rust removal work is done, spray the paint carefully and evenly.
(2) When storing outdoors, pay attention to the flatness and hardness of the storage area. The sand washing machine cannot be tilted and subsided due to uneven ground.
(3) Key components such as bearings should be moistened and maintained at intervals to ensure normal operation during the next operation.
(4) The moisture-proof sealing of the circuit should also be carefully preserved during storage.

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