Mineral Processing Equipment

With a heavy build and sturdy components, our mineral processing equipment can handle prolonged work under extreme conditions and process minerals at efficient rates.

Whether Aggregates, Sand, Minerals ...

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Backed by a world-leading range of specialised mineral processing equipment, JXSC provides complete life-of-plant technical services aimed at increasing metallurgical efficiency to optimise your plant throughput.

We have unmatched facilities and capabilities for servicing your operation’s processing machines.

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Rock Crushers

With optimal functions and large crushing capacity, our rock crushers are easy to control and manage for any plant. The superior strength of our materials enables our rock crushers to perform at consistent rates over the long term.

Classifying & Screening Machines

Offering precise processing in one, our classifying and screening machines separate materials by size or density. Through efficient screening, you can acquire the right amount of processed materials you need for your applications.

Dewatering Machines

For dewatering applications, our dewatering machines remove unnecessary water weight from minerals for faster conveying. Materials such as sand, gravel, aggregates, hard rock, precious metals, and other granular materials can be processed through a dewatering screen.

Gravity Separators

Our gravity separators make precise separation of particles based on one of three particle characteristics: density, size, or shape. As such, our gravity separators work well for minerals such as tin, tungsten, chromite, iron ore, coal, alluvial, or beach sand.

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Top Technology
Over the years, we have obtained over 18 patents and hired senior engineers to continuously carry out product development and optimization.

18+ Patents

20+ Experience

Leading Process Design & Engineering
By following a process design, we cater readily to your needs, whether to optimize the recovery rates of mineral processing plants or save energy costs for mineral processing operation..
Tailor-made Solution
We have an understanding of your needs and apply our patented technology developed in our labs to produce unique mineral processing solutions much more easily.

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Broad Spectrum of Services
From mineral testing and machine installation to the supply of spare parts supplying, we help minimize costs, maintenance fees, and all-around quality issues to help your operations thrive.

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