New mechanical structure, enhanced flocculation

We adopt a brand-new mechanical structure to strengthen the flocculation effect of flocculants on solid particles and provide a flocculant addition system.

Brief Intro

The thickener is mainly used for the dehydration of concentrate, medium ore, and tailings slurry in wet beneficiation. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection, and other industries. The high-efficiency thickener is not only a simple settling equipment but also a new type of dehydration equipment combined with the filtration characteristics of the mud layer.

Why Choose Our Thickener


Steady Circle

Transmission Device



1. Add flocculants to increase the particle size of settled solid particles, thus speeding up the settling speed.


2. Increase the degassing tank to prevent solid particles from attaching to the air bubbles.

3. Install the inclined plate of high-efficiency thickener to shorten the settlement distance of ore particles and increase the settlement area.


4. The flocculant addition system, flocculant addition automatic control system, and high-efficiency thickener automatic control system can also be provided.

Thickener Working Principle

The solid particles suspended in the thickening tank slurry settle under gravity, and the upper part becomes clarified water to separate the solid and liquid. The slime deposited at the bottom of the thickening tank is continuously scraped and collected by the rake scraper to the discharge port at the center of the bottom of the tank, while the clarified water overflows from the upper edge of the thickening tank.



ModelDiaDepthAngleDrive timeLiftingCapa.PowerWeight
NZS-11.81.8 21605.61.11.24
NZS-33.61.8 2.5350221.13.1
NZS15154.4910.4 4003505.521.76

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Center drive type. Usually this type of thickener has a small diameter, generally within 24 meters.

2) Peripheral roller drive type, more common large and medium-sized thickeners. It gets its name because it is driven by a transmission trolley. The diameter is usually about 53 meters, and there are also 100 meters.

A thickener is a device that separates solids and liquids based on gravity settling. It is usually a shallow cylindrical tank with a conical bottom built from concrete or steel welded plates as structural materials. The ore pulp with a solid weight of 10% to 20% can be concentrated into an underflow ore pulp with a solid content of 45% to 55% by gravity sedimentation), So that the thickened underflow slurry is discharged from the underflow port at the bottom of the thickener.

The upper part of the thickener produces a relatively clean clarified liquid (overflow), which is discharged from the annular chute at the top.

Under the condition that concentrate or tailing ores use a filter machine for the dehydration process, they need to use a thickener before the filter machine. Because the filter machine has a requirement for slurry concentration.

We can provide complete set parts for thickener including transmission part and outside water tank and steel support frame. Customers also can choose to use concrete to build support for the thickener.

Need to add flocculant to accelerate pulp concentration and settlement

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