Disc Vacuum Filter

Specially designed for the dehydration of iron concentrate and non-ferrous metal concentrate

Disc vacuum filter, the filter cake has low water content, a small footprint, and a high filtration coefficient. Because of the characteristics of iron ore concentrate with high density and fast sedimentation, and the filtrate containing solid particles has a strong impact and friction on the filtrate channel of the filter, the overall performance of the product and the comparability between parts have been optimized in close combination with the actual conditions of each mine. Design to make its leading technology and performance indicators reach the advanced level of similar international products.


As a new type of filtration equipment, our disc vacuum filter breaks through the problems of high energy consumption, harsh on-site working environment, frequent failures, and high operating costs of the traditional intermittent filter press process. Realize the low water content of filter cake, clear filtrate under higher vacuum degree, and clean filter cloth under continuous production without reducing output. The investment cost is low and the production efficiency is high, and it has been popularized and applied on a large scale in the treatment of ore dressing and tailings.

Brief Intro

Disc vacuum filter is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment that uses the vacuum as the filtering power to separate the slurry from the solid-liquid. This machine adopts advanced technologies such as filter disc guide frame guidance, variable speed stirring, reverse blowing unloading, automatic centralized lubrication, etc. It is dehydration equipment with excellent performance and reliable use.

Why Choose Our Disc Vacuum Filter

Disc Vacuum Filter

Lubricating Oil Pump

Filter Disc


Main Bearing


1. The new filter fan has a uniform distribution of dehydration holes, reasonable porosity, high strength, and long service life. At the same time, the effective area of the filter fan is large, which improves the machine’s processing capacity.


2. The main drive is step-less variable speed, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the depth and flow of the material, to achieve the ideal working effect.


3. Multi-point dry oil pump, centralized multi-point automatic lubrication to ensure the regular operation of the equipment.


4. Use 2018-degree arc-shaped small blocks to interlock continuously to press and position the filter fan in a plane, so that the replacement of the filter fan and filter cloth can save time and effort.

5. The friction plate is made of unique wear-resistant boron cast iron, which has a good sealing effect due to the combination of rigidity and softness.


6. The main shaft head of the filtrate pipe is a high-strength wear-resistant composite steel pipe, which makes it last longer.


7. The end of the stirring shaft is sealed with rubber packing and seven layers of water seal to prevent the leakage of ore slurry.


8. The filtrate pipe is directly welded to the filter fan interface by mold positioning, which reduces air leakage points.


9. The distribution head has a large abdominal volume, which improves the pumping rate and filtrate discharge effect.

Disc Vacuum Filter Working Principle

Disc vacuum filters consist of discs of individual segments. Each fan-shaped piece is an independent filter unit, and the cloth made of filter cloth is covered on the fan-shaped piece to form a filter chamber. The motor drives the filter disc through the reducer and the open-gear transmission. The filter disc rotates clockwise. The ore slurry in the filter chamber is attached to the filter disc to form a filter in the adsorption area by means of the pressure difference formed by the vacuum pump on both sides of the filter medium. After the cake is removed, the agitator rotates to prevent solid precipitation. After the filter cake leaves the liquid surface, it continues to remove moisture under the action of a vacuum. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth, passes through the filtrate tube, and is discharged from the distribution head. In the unloading area, the filter cake is discharged into the discharge trough by reverse blowing, and the whole operation process is carried out in a continuous cycle.

Disc Vacuum Filter


Filtering Area (M2)101520253035404860728496
Drum Dia (mm)21003100
Drum Qty (Pc)234567845678
Filter Fan Qty (Pc)2020
Filter Cell Volume(M3)
Axis Motor (KW)45.57.5
Stir Motor (KW)5.57.5
Stir Motor (KW)Inverted ventilationInverted ventilation
Size (L*W*H)2535 29203315370540954485487541755175567556756175

Frequently Asked Questions

The discs (or rings) each have a hole in the middle, forming a hollow cylinder in the middle of the stack. The water passes through the small passages in between and the impurities are trapped behind. The filtration quality is based on the quantity and size of particles that the filtering element is able to retain.

  • When the sludge is too thick or dry blocks remain, which will cause blockage of the feed port. At this time, there is no medium between the filter plates of the vacuum filter, and only the pressure of the hydraulic system remains. Oppression is easily damaged.
  • Insufficient material supply or unsuitable solid particles in the material supply will also cause too much force on the plate and frame itself, resulting in damage.
  • If the outflow port is blocked by solids or the feed valve or outlet valve is activated and closed, the pressure cannot be leaked out, resulting in damage.
  • When the vacuum filter plate is not cleaned, the medium will leak out. Once leaked, small grooves will be washed out on the edge of the plate and frame. A large amount of medium leakage will cause the pressure to rise. Unable to form mud cake.

The filter cloth must be cleaned frequently to ensure its normal permeability. The filter cloth is in contact with the filtrate for a long time, and their working environment is under strong pressure, so solids will adhere to the filter cloth. Condition. When the filter cloth penetrates into the solid particles, it is easy to be discharged. Once these particles accumulate more and more, the filter pore size of the filter cloth will be blocked, and the filtration speed of the filter cloth will naturally decrease slowly, which will gradually reduce the penetration of the equipment.

If you have a lot of organic material in your irrigation water, it would be better to install disc-style filters, since a disc can handle three times as much organic debris before it’s clogged.

We have plate filter press machine and disc vacuum filter machine.

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