Gold Trommel Scrubbers

Large Capacity And Ore Washing, Screening

Our gold trommel scrubbers can agitate, wash, separate and deslime all kinds of hard-to-wash ores and aggregates. The strong production capacity makes the finished product cleaned and the efficiency can reach about 98%. JXSC trommel scrubber is often used to clean the ore with large mud content before the alluvial gold beneficiation process, which can improve the beneficiation index of the next process.

Brief Intro

The trommel scrubber is also called rotary scrubber. It is mainly used for washing and screening the gold ore with large raw material particle size, high soil content and high soil viscosity. It is also commonly used in the ore washing stage of diamond, iron, manganese, limestone, tin ore, silica sand and other ore beneficiation plant. Large processing capacity is also an ideal equipment for washing ore and stone in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical mines, iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, and building materials. Our gold trommel scrubbers can be customized mobile types and have strong economic practicability, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.

Why Choose Our Gold Trommel Scrubbers

Gold trommel scrubbers

Long Cylinder


The elongated cylinder is made of thickened steel plate and wear-resistant rubber lining. It prolongs the effective time for the ore to be pulped in the cylinder washing machine, so that the ore can be fully soaked and scrubbed.


Sealed Structure


Overall and good sealing. All systems are integrated in an overall frame except for the finished material stacking belt conveyor.


Powerful Motor


Copper core motor is adopted, with sufficient power, low noise and strong overload capacity.



Water Recovery Unit


Our gold trommel scrubbers can also be equipped with waste water recycling, automatic compensation of clean water, rinsing when the finished material leaves the machine, and a water tank with the function of mud discharge.



1. Our trommel scrubbers especially wash gold and diamond ore with a lot of mud, which can avoid mud clogging.

2. It is suitable for washing various materials and has a wide range. It is also possible to customize mobile trommel scrubbers or other supporting equipment to meet the special requirements of various customers.

3. The feeding particle size is large, which can deal with large ore, and has strong ore washing ability.

4. Our rotary scrubbers are used for washing muddy ore before the mineral processing process, and increase the beneficiation index of the subsequent process.

5. After washing with our gold trommel scrubbers, the powder content of the stone can be less than 0.5%, the moisture content is less than 2%, and the cleanliness of the finished product is high.

6. At the same time, it has the functions of washing and screening to improve the recovery rate of ore.

7. The entire frame is made of thickened steel and rubber lining, which is not easy to wear, has a long service life and is more convenient for maintenance.

8. Fully enclosed structure, less wear; stable operation, low noise, safe and reliable.

9. Highly integrated, suitable for various working environments, and easy to store or transfer.

10. A waste water recycling device can be installed to save water resources and realize an environmentally friendly production line.

11. The elongated ore washing cylinder makes the material stay in the machine for a long time, and fully disperses the material powerfully.

Gold Trommel Scrubbers Working Principle

The cleaning cylinder is supported by four tugboats, the motor drives the reducer to drive, and the large and small gears drive the cleaning cylinder to rotate at a low speed. The ore containing mud and stone powder is fed from the feed port and enters the rotating drum. A wear-resistant rubber liner with a certain angle is installed on the inner wall of the drum, which continuously lifts and throws the material down. The process of moving the material to the discharge port through multiple cycles, and is washed repeatedly by forward or reverse flushing water, so that the mud mass is fully loosened. The cleaned materials are discharged after screening and dehydration at the discharge end of the tail, so as to achieve the operations of ore washing, screening and desliming.

Gold trommel scrubbers


ModelScreen Size (MM)Rotation Speed(R/Min)Feeding Size (MM)Angle of Inclination(Degree)Capacity (T/H)Power (KW)

Frequently Asked Questions

According to those aspects:

(1) Which kind of material /mineral?

(2) Ore with much sticky clay or not?

(3) The feeding size?

12 Months for machine main parts, not include spare parts.

20-40 days depends on model, normally 30 days.

Feeding size better control less than 70mm, for smaller models, the smaller input particles better.

Thickness depends on model,for example 100tph trommel scrubber, the thickness is around 16mm,the bigger drum , the drum is more thick.

Steel plates welding, also can be designed with natural rubber lining inside.

Usually water consumption and dry solid material ratio is 3:1.

(1) PU screen;

(2) Manganese steel;

(3)Stainless steel.

There are no water pipes inside the drum, because the material inside is rolling inside and scrubbing and washing inside. So the water pipes inside are not workable.But we can provide water pipes at the screen part if you need.

Yes, the length can be customized based on your requirement. Simply speaking, yes, the longer the drum, the cleaner it can be.

Yes, no problem, for the processing capacity less than 100 tons per hour can be designed with mobile wheels.

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