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Applying steel balls as grinding media, our ball mills or ball grinding machines are widely applied in mining, construction, and aggregate applications. Since 1985, JXSC has been a leading ball mill manufacturer, providing premium services, from R&D and production to installation and free operation training.

Brief Intro

For handling strenuous wet or dry grinding, our ball mills handle continuous millings through the use of chrome steel balls or ceramic balls as grinding media for varied materials. Our ball mills come with advanced motors, discharging devices, and a comprehensive grinding and lubrication system. Our experts can help customize your ball mills to perform optimally based on your requirements.

Why Choose Our Ball Mills

Ball Mills



The cylinder of the ball mill is welded with steel plates of 12MM Q235steel plate. And flanges for fixing end caps are welded at both ends of the cylinder. 1-2 holes are set on the cylinder to facilitate the installation of cylinder lining plate, maintenance and ball pouring.


Reducer & Electric Motor


The motor determines the production efficiency of the machine. We will reasonably settle the appropriate motor according to the your motor power and processing capacity.


Lining Plate


The liner is made of 30-50mm alloy steel. The liner is responsible for protecting the inner wall of the cylinder. While the movement state of the grinding media in the cylinder is adjusted through different lining shapes to help the grinding media grind materials.



Grinding Ball


According to the minerals to be ground and the target particles we will choose the grinding ball correspondingly. Generally, we will use chrome steel, which has good wear resistance, high toughness, and the size ranging from 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, to 100mm.



High chromium cast ball

High chromium cast ball is an alloy white cast iron ball with high chromium content (more than 10% Cr), which is wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has considerable toughness. The martensitic matrix high-chromium cast iron ball surface hardness HRC can reach 58-66. The wear resistance of high chromium cast iron balls is 8 to 12 times that of ordinary carbon steel balls

Liner plate

The cylinder is lined with high-manganese steel lining and multi-element alloy wear-resistant lining, which has good impact resistance and wear resistance.

● Wide applicability and high capacity

● Maintains a specific capacity for a long time to achieve the durability of the specified grinding fineness (add balls regularly to compensate for its wear)

●Reliability and safety, easy maintenance.

●The machine runs smoothly and works reliably. The internal structure can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

●Suitable for batch grinding, continuous grinding, open circuit grinding and closed circuit grinding, suitable for all kinds of hardness materials.

Working Principle

Our ball mills work by putting chrome steel balls or ceramic balls into a rotating hollow cylindrical shell that rotates around its axis as friction grinds materials in an extremely fine form. As attrition size reduction is involved, the nanostructure size of the slurry of material is affected by the number and size of the balls.

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ModelShell rotation speed (r/min)Max bllload (t)Feeding size(mm)Capacity(t/h)MotorOverall dimensions LxWxH (mm)Weight (kg)
 φ900x1200 41.61.1≤250.3~0.9Y180L-8113843x 1850x14004210
 φ900x2100 41.61.8≤250.6~1.5Y180L-6154743x1850*14006660
 φ900x3300 41.62.8≤250.9~2.3Y225M-6305943x 1850*14007770
 φ1200x2400 35.14≤251.6~4.1Y280S-8375540x2300*185010020
 φ1200x2800 35.14.6≤251.9~4.8Y280M-8455940*2300*185010935
 φ1200x3200 35.15.3≤252.2~5.5Y280M-8456340*2300*185011230
 φ1200x4400 35.17.3≤253.0-7.5Y135S-8557540x2300*185013210
 φ1300x2400 30.24.5≤251.5~3.5Y280S-8375035*2370x188010210
 φ1300x2800 30.25.2≤252.0-4.5Y280M-8455435*2370*188011290
 φ1300x3400 30.26.5≤252.2~5.0Y280M-8756035*2370*188013117
 φ1500x2400 30.77≤252.8~6.5YR280S-8556830*2930x206015430
 φ1500x3000 30.79≤253.5~8.0JR125-8807430*2930x206016843
 φ1500x3300 30.710≤254.0~9.0JR125-8957730*2930*206017849
 φ1500x3600 30.711≤254.5~10.0JR126-8958030*2930x206018649
 φ1500x4000 30.711.11≤254.8-10.5JR126-81109030*2930x206019103
 φ1500x4200 30.712.5≤255.0-11.0JR126-81108630x2930*206019330
 φ1500x4500 30.713.5≤255.5~13.5JR127-81308930x2930*206020000
 φ1500x5700 30.717≤257.0~15.5JR128-815510130x2930*206023597
 φ1500x6300 30.719≤258.0~17.0JR127-815510730x2930x206024390
 φ1830x3000 25.0413≤253.0~17.0JR128-81308456*3654*225029490
 φ1830x3400 25.0414≤253.3~20.0JR128-81558856*3654*225030390
 φ1830x3600 25.0415≤254.0~21.5JR128-81559056*3654*225031600
 φ1830x4000 25.0417≤254.5~24JR128-81559456*3654x225032700
 φ1830x4200 25.0418≤255.5~25.0 JR136-81809656*3654*225033490
 φ1830x4500 25.0419≤255.2~26.0JR136-81809856*3654x225034210
 φ1830x5200 25.0421≤256.5~32.5JR138-821010040*3654x225037715
 φ1830x5600 25.0421.9≤257~35JR138-824510956*3754x225039290
 φ1830x6400 25.0427≤258.0~40.0JR137-821010220*3754x225042440
 φ1830x7000 25.0427.3≤258.5~45.0 JR138-832010820*3754x225045590
 φ2100x2200 23.815≤253.0-22.0JR127-81557775*4060x340038793
 φ2100x3000 23.820≤254.0~30.0JR136-81808475x4060x340041965
 φ2100x3500 23.820.7≤254.5~35.0JR136-81808820*4060*340044120
 φ2100x3600 23.821≤255.0~37.0JR137-82109225*4060*340044551
 φ2100x4000 23.822≤255.2~39.0JR138-82459475*4060x340046697
 φ2100x4500 23.823.8≤255.2~-40.0JR138-82459975*4060*340047000
 φ2100x5500 23.825≤255.5~40.5JR138-832011135*4060*340050000
 φ2100x6000 23.828.5≤255.8-40.5JR138-838011965*4060*340052000
 φ2400x3000 2320≤256-75JR1413-82809170x5005*397059850
 φ2400x3600 2326.6≤256.5-82JR1413-82809770x5005*397063684
 φ2400x4000 2330≤257.0~92JR138-83209966x5005*397067984
 φ2400x4500 2332.5≤258~100JR158-832010575*5005*397072284
 φ2400x6000 2340≤2510~120JR138-832011175*5005*397073365
 φ2700x2100 21.724≤257~78JR1410-82809962*5610*450063000
 φ2700x2700 21.729≤258~100JR148-631010562*5610*450068530
 φ2700x3600 21.734≤2515~115JR158-838011162x5610x450088400
 φ2700x4000 21.740≤2517.5~135JR1512-840011175*5610*450090420
 φ2700x4500 21.742≤2519~150JR1510-847511829x5610x4500100000
 φ3200x3000 18.744≤2519~150TDMK500-3650011000*7200*5700124000

Frequently Asked Questions

According to those aspects: feeding size,output size needed, material hardness , wet grinding or dry grinding

 12 Months for machine main parts, not include spare parts

According to material hardness , input size, output size needed, for Configure different size steel balls

20-40 days depends on model, normally 30 days

Feeding size request below 20-25mm , output size can be 200 mesh to 1 mm depends on customer requirement

Regularly add lubricating oil or grease to gears and other parts with bearings,check bolt and nuts, replace the spare parts ,such as small gear,ect.

Thickness depends on the model of ball mill, thickness ranges from 10mm to 30mm,the bigger drum , the drum is more thick.

Mostly Material is High manganese steel material, also can make ceramic material lining plates for grinding specific material.

Thickness is various according to different model, range from 30-80mm

Can through those ways: A. control the steel balls size, B. ball mill drum length, the longer length, the output size will be more fine. C. use spiral classifier or cyclone after ball mill for particle size classification, will have much more fine output size.

Usually water consumption and dry solid material ratio is 2:1 or 3:1

Yes, Drum size can be customized according to customer’s request

Usually the starting power need higher than rated power, for ball mill , starting power need about 2-3 times as rated power

Small gear, lining plates, Coupling Nylon Rod,Feeding core device,Discharging core device,steel balls,ect

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