Gold Concentrators

Bring Efficient and Energy-saving Concentration

JXSC gold concentrators utilize centrifugal force and gravity to separate gold and other heavy minerals from sediments. The heavy-duty motors are responsible for the intense movement of the cylinder, allowing for an optimized separation of gold and other minerals. Each gold concentrator is made in our certified factories to ensure a long service life and competitive prices.

Brief Intro

Gold concentrators recover gold from the material through centrifugal force. A centrifuge rotates at a high-speed and extracts material by their weight, with lighter ones moving to the top.  This equipment can efficiently extract alluvial gold or fine particles. Increasing the centrifuge’s rotation speed improves the concentrator’s efficiency in extracting minerals of specific weight, allowing for the extraction of finer particles.

Why Choose Our Gold Concentrators

Gold Concentrators

Shock Absorber


The shock absorption point of the automatic ore discharge centrifuge is increased, and it becomes a suspended hydraulic shock absorber. The vibration  force is internally absorbed with excellent absorption. Therefore and the vibrationvforce of the base is almost zero.


Connection between Shaft and Rotor

The automatic discharge centrifuge is flanged for non-deviation concentricity.


Centrifuge Rotor


The rotor outer cylinder of the automatic ore discharge centrifuge is compressed into a V shape. Under normal use of the backwash water, the water chamber space is maximized, while the bearing load is reduced so as to increase the service life of the bearing.





The rotor is equipped with a polyurethane lining ring on the basis of stainless steel. The service life of a set of polyurethane lining rings can reach 12 months. After the lining ring is worn, it can be replaced, which is very flexible. The entire stainless steel rotor will not wear out.



Backflush Water Hole


The water hole of the automatic ore discharge centrifuge is an inclined water hole, which completely solves the problem of hardening.



Bearing Chamber


The bearing chamber of the automatic ore discharge centrifuge ensures the lubricating effect of the top bearing lubricating grease with excellent heat dissipation.




●High recovery and high concentrating ratio.

●Center discharge design that enables fast and secure concentrate removal.

●Eco-friendly (needs no reagents or chemical additives).

●Low energy, low water consumption.

●Durable wear parts with easy maintenance.

●Fast returns on investment, usually less than 6 months.

Working Principle

Slurry or materials mixed with water goes through a feed at the center of the gold concentrator. The centrifugal force within the cylinder separates materials within the gold concentrators by the difference in settlement coefficient and buoyancy density from the slurry. Light or fine materials are extracted from the bowl, while the heavy materials are left for further processing or discarded.

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Capacity (t/h)0-0.62-38-1240-4580-120
Fluidization Water Required (m³/h)2-33-57-1030-3660-80
Slurry Water Required (m³/h)1.5-45-78-1240-4570-100
Feeding Density (%)0-500-500-500-500-50
Feeding Size (mm)0-30-30-50-50-6
Concentrate Cleaning Up CycleVein gold 1-3 Hours/Placer gold 2-6 Hours
Concentrate Weight (Kg)23-510-2040-5070-85
Power (Kw)0.751.541118.5
Weight (Kg)205380110023003200
Dimensions (mm)914x700*9001160x885x1165 1820x1450x17002476x2032x20182849x2085x2426

Frequently Asked Questions

the feeding size to the centrifugal is 0-6mm, for the +6mm will need to screen first, and if the materials with much sticky clay, will need to wash first

the capacity of the centrifugal can be from 0.5-100 tons per hour per set

The centrifugal is normally used to separate the alluvial gold and rock gold, and the PGM group. not suitable for other materials.

the materials will normally use the slurry  pump to feed into the centrifugal, the flow capacity of the slurry pump is three time of the capacity of the centrifugal

The centrifugal will need one set water pump just for the backwash water,different capacity will need different water pumps. The feeding density is 0-50%, if the material is with water, it will not need the feeding water. if the material is dry, you will need to add water to the materials, control the feeding density to 0-50% is ok.

The centrifugal separates the gold based on the big density difference between the gold and waste sand, the rotor will run at high speed, the light elements will be washed away by the backwash water, and the gold will be inside the cone of the centrifugal.

When the centrifugal runs for 4 hours, stopping the centrifugal, but keeping the backwash water pump working, the gold concentrate will be washed out from the cone, flow from the concentrate outlet.(also has the type can be discharge the gold concentrate automatically)

The centrifugal will be shipped in the whole part, just do the civil foundation works at the mine site, the foundation drawing will be offered, installation will be easy.

The production time is about 7-15 days, the voltage is 380v, three phases, 50hz. if need the voltage is customized, the production time will need 15-20 days. The guarantee is for 12 months.

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