Electrostatic Separators

Dry Electric Separation and High Recovery Mineral

Our electrostatic separator uses the difference in electrical properties of various minerals and materials in nature to separate them. The sorting effect is good, and the grade of the obtained concentrate is high. JXSC mainly has two types of arc plate electric separators and stick electric separators. According to the customer’s requirements for material extraction components, purity, capacity, etc. We can customize a matching double-roller or four-roller electrostatic separator.

Brief Intro

The electrostatic separator can only sort dry materials with particle size less than 2mm. It is not suitable for the separation of large particle materials, so the materials must be crushed before separation. Mainly used for sorting conductive and non-conductive minerals, such as conductive minerals: magnetite, ilmenite, rutile, tin ore, etc. Non-conductive minerals: graphite, quartz, zircon sand, monazite, garnet, feldspar, calcite, tungsten ore and silicate minerals, etc. Heavy minerals in coastal areas can be sorted. It can also separate non-ferrous and non-metallic materials such as copper, tin, aluminum, and plastics from waste.

Why Choose Our Electrostatic Separators

Electrostatic separator

Electrode Structure


Multi-element corona electrostatic compound arc-shaped electrode is adopted, multi-slot self-flowing vibrating feeder and mechanical dredging feeder suitable for fine powder are adopted.


Unique Setup


It has a wide corona electric field area, a special feeding device, and anti-dust leakage measures.


Cabinet Shape


The whole machine has good sealing performance, closed installation, safe and reliable.



1. The equipment has low energy consumption, low noise, high output, no dust and environmental protection.

2. It has a wide range of applications, such as the separation of non-metallic minerals such as graphite, quartz, feldspar, asbestos, and apatite; the beneficiation of non-ferrous metals and rare metal minerals, etc.

3. Both speed adjustment and feeding adjustment adopt independent frequency conversion control, so that the materials can evenly enter the corona electric field, and the separation effect of materials can be realized.

4. No wearing parts, long service life; good sealing, easy operation.

5. Two-roll or four-roll electric separators can be customized, and can also meet the equipment requirements of laboratories and industrial industries.

6. High electric field strength, stable mechanical and electrical properties and high sorting efficiency.

7. The discharging mouth has a wide adjustment range, which can meet the requirements of different users.

Electrostatic Separators Working Principle

When various minerals with different conductivity pass through an electric field, they have different charges due to electrostatic induction or the effect of capturing charged ions. After the conductor material is electrified, it is put into the ground through the grounding rotating roller, and with the inertia of the rotating roller, the conductor material is thrown into the conductor receiving hopper. After the non-conductor material receives electricity, due to its poor conductivity, it is adsorbed on the surface of the rotating roller, and as the roller turns to the back, it is swept by the brush and falls into the non-conductor receiving hopper.

Electrostatic separator structure


Model BXJ-2A4-30BXJ-2A5-60
Feeding size0.1-3mm0.1-3mm
Feeding speed10-15cm/s10-15cm/s
Arc-Plate size16001600
power consumption125W 
Operation voltage0-60KV0-60KV
High voltage current0-10MA0-10MA
machine weight1688KG2100KG
Overall size2.1*1.6*2.32.1*1.6*2.5


Frequently Asked Questions

We need to know the following information:

(1) What minerals are sorted?

(2) What is the maximum feed size?

(3) How much capacity is required?

High voltage static electricity requires that the sorted material must be dry. Because the high voltage of tens of thousands of volts is used for sorting, the risk is relatively high.

(1) The machine is equipped with a chassis, which should be placed vertically during installation.

(2) Good grounding. The ground wire should be buried in a damp place 2-3 meters underground with angle iron or water pipes.

(3) High-voltage cables should be placed in plastic tubes to prevent leakage.

(4) The ore storage heating wire should be a 4.5 square millimeter cable. There are high and low temperature switches in the control cabinet.

(5) Due to the tens of thousands of volts of high voltage generated inside the equipment during operation, special attention should be paid to personal safety during operation.

According to different job requirements, the speed should also be different. When the conductor product is concentrate ore, the sweeping operation should use high speed to ensure the recovery rate of the conductor as much as possible. When selecting operations, in order to ensure the conductor grade, it is advisable to use low speed. Contact our professional engineers for details.

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