Three Disc Dry Magnetic Separators

Dry strong magnetic separator

The three-disc belt magnetic separator is used to separate weak magnetic minerals and rare metal ores. It is a very important mineral processing equipment. Our three disc dry magnetic separator has the features of simple operation, strong magnetic force and long use rate.

Brief Intro

The three disc dry magnetic separator is divided into two types: CP-500 and CP-600. Three-disk magnetic separator is suitable for magnetically different metals such as titanium ore, tungsten-tin ore, chromite, niobium-tantalum ore, limonite, zircon, golden red, solitary, andalusite, kyanite, feldspar, and quartz Mineral selection or iron remover for non-metallic materials, also the selection and purification of magnetic and non-magnetic minerals.

Why Choose Our Three-Disc Dry Magnetic Separators

Three Disc Dry Magnetic Separator

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1. Reasonable structure, small footprint, simple operation, and maintenance.


2. It can separate strong magnetic, weakly magnetic, non-magnetic, and other minerals simultaneously.


3. Suitable for dry operations in water-deficient mining areas.

4. Long service life and good sorting effect.


5. The magnetic field strength is adjustable, and the magnetic field can be adjusted according to different raw materials to achieve sorting.

Three Disc Dry Magnetic Separators Working Principle

According to the magnetic difference of minerals, minerals can be separated by adjusting the excitation current of the disks at all levels to form magnetic fields of different strengths, and different magnetic field induction intensities can be obtained by adjusting the induction distance between the disks of all levels and the selected minerals, so as to realize various One-time separation of minerals.

Three Disc Dry Magnetic Separator


ModelUnit 3PC-5003PC-600
Magnetic IntensityHauteurDistance To Belt Surface 2mm
Disk Teeth 1700
Distance To Belt Surface 2mm
Disk Teeth 1800
Number Of Magnetic DiskPiece33
Diameter Of Magnetic Diskmm500600
Rotate Speed Of Magnetic Diskr/min25-4022-38
Exciting CollUnit 44
Matching Motorkw0.751.5
Exciting Powerkw1.51.6
Coll Temperature Rise6565
Rated Current Of CollA1.1-1.81.2-1.9
Working ContinuousContinuous
Feed Widthmm210300
Feed Size mm≤2≤2

Frequently Asked Questions

Iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten ore, tin ore, niobium ore, etc.

The magnetic field strength can be changed by adjusting the distance between the disc and the belt, and the distance is inversely proportional to the magnetic strength. Or adjust the 2 voltmeters and 4 ammeters on the electric control cabinet to adjust the current of the 4 coils, thereby changing the magnetic strength.

3PC-500: 15000-18000GS; 3PC-600: 18000-22000GS.

The belt is the wearing part of three disc magnetic separator.

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