Log Washer

Strong Ore Washing and Desliming Capabilities

Our log washer has the ability to scrub and rub during the ore washing process. It has high crushing and loosening efficiency for hard-to-wash minerals with large mud content, many mud lumps, and strong viscosity. If the raw material contains soluble useful or harmful components, it can also be washed. There are usually double helixes for agitation and screening to achieve the purpose of more washing and desliming. JXSC can customize ore washing equipment to adapt to the characteristics of various minerals.

Brief Intro

The log washer can make the ore with more than 20% mud content spirally stirred and scrubbed in the ore washing machine to separate ore and mud. It is suitable for processing difficult-to-wash materials with loose texture, medium lump size and more mud. For example: iron, manganese, phosphate rock, tin ore and other ores with more mud content are cleaned before beneficiation. After the washing treatment of this log washing equipment, it can avoid the harm of mud clogging in the crusher, screening machine or ore bin.

Why Choose Our Log Washer

Log washer

Spiral Design


The spiral blade adopts the latest design, and the lower end of the spiral shaft adopts advanced polymer wear-resistant material and sealing technology.


Tank Body


For the body of the machine, thickened manganese steel blades are used, which are durable and have a low failure rate.


Transmission Dvice


The transmission bearing device adopts a special sealing structure, which is isolated from water and materials; it avoids damage to the bearing due to water immersion, sand ingress and pollutants.


Scrubbing Operation


Using the mixing principle of the mixer, the raw materials are continuously rolled by the spiral blades in the mixing drum. The pushing and friction between materials are strong, and the natural reliability is high.



●Large processing capacity, high washing efficiency, low power consumption, simple and convenient maintenance.

●The operation is stable, safe and reliable, the sand produced has low mud content, and the ore washing effect on difficult-to-wash ores is particularly remarkable.

●According to customer needs, a protective cover can also be added to the surface of the equipment.

●Large processing capacity is an ideal equipment for enterprises that meet the requirements of high productivity on the cleanliness of ores and stones.

●Vibration washing and screening with double helix strengthens the ore washing process and saves time and cost; Replaceable helical blades and durable.

●The washed material has less loss and high selection and washing efficiency, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.

Log Washer Working Principle

The log washer is composed of tank body, left and right spiral blade shafts, transmission device and so on. The motor drives the two helical shafts to rotate relative to each other through the reducer and the large and small gears, and the blades on the helical shafts are staggeredly installed. The material is fed into the middle of the two screw shafts from the lower part of the tank body. The mud balls and the ore particles with slime on the surface are rubbed and scrubbed with the help of blades, and an appropriate amount of high-pressure water is given from the upper end of the tank to wash, so that the slime is separated. The washed ore is discharged from the discharge port, and the muddy water is discharged from the tailings end.

Log washer working principle


ModelSpiral Diameter(mm)Rotating Speed(r/min)Feeding Size(mm)Tank Slope(°)Output(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)


Frequently Asked Questions

We need to know the following information:

a. the materials to be cleaned;

b. the processing capacity;

c. the particle size of the feed;

d. Is the main purpose of washing or screening?

and design suitable equipment according to the actual situation.

Generally, detachable manganese steel cleaning blades are used, which have a long service life. In special cases, alloy blades can be used with low wear.

(1) Pay attention to check the wear degree of wearable parts, and replace worn parts at any time.

(2) The shaft bears the full load of the machine, so proper lubrication has a great relationship with the life of the bearing, which directly affects the service life and work rate of the machine, so the lubricating oil that needs to be written must be clean and the seal must be .

(3) If there is an impact sound when the shifting gear is working, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and eliminated.

(4) If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the machine immediately and check the cause to eliminate it.

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