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Superior Classifying & Screening for Improved Results and High Efficiency

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Robust classifying and screening machines are required to efficiently sort useful ore particles from impure ones. We established as a dedicated screening equipment manufacturer to provide quality screening equipment and fair prices to customers all over the world.


JXSC screening solutions can boost mining performances thanks to their performance and innovative functions when sorting raw ores. Each of our classifying & screening machines are competitively priced to help fulfill various mining applications while fitting your budget.

Increase Capacity

Large capacity allows more ores to be thoroughly screened for faster and streamlined sorting process.

Low Maintenance

Made from high-grade materials and imported motors, our classifying and screening machines require low maintenance costs.

Better Throughput

Precise sorting of ores according to specific sizes for efficient classifying and screening performance.

Fast ROI

Innovate classifying and screening method of ores according to mineral materials, density, sizes, and other factors ensure efficient recovery.

Classifying & Screening Machines From JXSC

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