Spiral Classifiers

Bring Efficient And Energy-Saving Classification

Our spiral classifier is a kind of equipment for mechanical classification based on the principle that solid particles have different sizes and specific gravity, so the speed of sedimentation in the liquid is different. Its long and narrow tank body can make the stirring effect ideal and prolong the suspension time of materials in water. Having a sufficiently large subsidence area is more conducive to classifying minerals.

Brief Intro

Spiral classifiers are often combined with ball mills to form a closed-circuit cycle to separate ore sands, or to classify ore sands and fine mud in mineral processing plants. It is also used for or washing clay sand, silica sand, tailings dehydration, tailings water separation, etc. It is one of the main equipment for mineral processing. According to the height of the spiral blades at the overflow end of the spiral classifier, it can be divided into four types: high weir type single spiral and double spiral, submerged single spiral and double spiral. JXSC’s strong production capacity provides highly customized grading equipment for various project needs.

Why Choose Our Spiral Classifiers

Spiral Classifer Advantages

Base Frame


The lower support adopts the structure of live shaft sleeve and nylon bearing bush. The base is made of channel steel, and the body is welded with steel plates.


Rotating Shaft


The water inlet head and shaft head of the screw shaft are made of pig iron sleeves, which are wear-resistant and durable.


Lifting Device

The powerful self-contained screw lifting device can be divided into two types: electric and manual.



The water tank of this machine is installed at an inclination, and the inclination angle is determined according to the equipment configuration in the process flow.



●The classifying process is simple, the fineness adjustment is flexible, and the application range is wide.

●A variety of models to choose from, suitable for producing different outputs.

●The equipment operation is relatively stable, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is convenient.

●Adopt frequency conversion control, high degree of automation, simple operation.

●Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.

●In the closed-circuit grinding circuit, it can be connected with the self-flow of the mill. Compared with the hydrocyclone, the power consumption is lower.

Spiral Classifiers Working Principle

Due to the difference in the size and specific gravity of the solid particles, the sedimentation speed in the liquid is different, so the fine particles float in the water and overflow. Coarse particles sink to the bottom of the tank and are pushed forward by the helical impeller. At the same time, the sand and gravel are washed by the water flow, so that the mixed impurities and soil are washed and separated, and then fall to the front end of the tailings dry discharge screen. The one-way exciting force generated by the vibrating device makes the material reciprocate in a straight line and is discharged from the discharge port.

Spiral Classifer Working Principle


TypeModelSpiral Diameter(mm)Roration Speed(r/min)TankInclination Angle(°)CapacityPower(Kw)Weight(Kg)
Length(mm)Width(mm)Overflow(㎥)Sand Return()Driving MotorLifting motor
High Weir TypeFLG-55008.5-11.5450055514°-18°30'32143-2611.101600
Submersion TypeFLC-1010006-7.48400111214°-18°30'75473-10265.5--6000

Frequently Asked Questions

They are different machines, but with some similar function. Please just let us know those aspects:

(1) which kind of material /mineral?

(2) feeding size?

(3) Processing capacity?

(4) The effect you want to achieve: desliming? Dehydration? Particle size classification?

If you have a strict requirement for the output size, then a spiral classifier is a must, which can control the output size. The bigger than 0.074mm back to grinding again.

It’s better to use a spiral classifier especially when the next stage is for the flotation system. The Particle size classification effect is better than hydrocyclone.

12 Months for machine main parts, not include spare parts.

Spiral screw is quick wear part.

20-30 days depends on model, normally 25 days.

The transmission part of the spiral classifier includes large and small gears + reducer + motor, and the gear drives the central shaft to rotate.

First of all, if the equipment is in a shutdown state, lift up the entire central shaft, and then the materials inside can be cleaned.

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