Competitive Procurement

With decades of experience, we ensure that our services are of high standards at a reasonable price with every project we enter.

Quality Assurance within the Supply Chain

Our senior procurement specialists are up to date with new technologies and industry-proven solutions for mining and industrial facilities. JXSC has a strict quality management system to ensure a stable supply chain and other details, so the you can focus on the productivity and profitability of the facility when it starts operation.
Incoming material inspections

Every Connection Matters


Identify Equipment

Engineers finalize the raw materials needed for the production and parameters required specified by the client to ensure the equipment or production line meets specifications.

Make Purchase List

The senior purchasing manager forms the purchase list corresponding to the demand and cost of all the materials needed for the project, helping the engineers balance the budget without compromising labor and material.

Conduct Supplier Evaluation

Establishing a partnership with well-known suppliers for decades, JXSC still conducts a strict screening to offer only the best materials for every project. We continue discovering new and better raw materials suppliers for current and future projects.

Guarantee Delivery Time

Our experience in the mining industry enables us to foresee specific issues like delays due to external causes. Our procrement delivery within a specified cycle to ensure the lead time of the equipment is on schedule.

Incoming Material Valuation

Raw materials are inspected to meet the client’s quality standards and specifications. We conduct source audits to ensure the quality of the raw materials to produce dependable mining equipment and production line.

Offer Quality Feedback

Customer feedback is essential to improve the quality of our machinery and services. It is the key to our longevity in the industry. As we learn more ways, we can better serve you.

Only the Best Materials for Your Equipment

We use high-quality raw materials to manufacture our equipment, cooperate with well-known suppliers, and use high-quality SKF bearings, motors, gearboxes, etc. to ensure the performance of our machinery, thereby ensuring high benefication rate, low maintenance, and high ROI.

We partner with well-known international companies like SKF and Siemens.
Raw Material
JXSC uses industry-leading raw materials to produce our machinery to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality.
Famous Suppliers
We possess a reliable supply network of over 50 distinguished suppliers and growing for future projects.
Procurement Experience
With two decades of purchasing experience, our senior purchasing manager provides the best materials on the budget.

Prestigious Partners We Work with

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