Wet Pan Mill

Popular gold and silver ore grinding machine

Our wet pan mill is a popular gold and silver ore grinding machine in Africa and South America. Because of its low investment, easy use and maintenance, and quick cost recovery.

Brief Intro

The wet pan mill is also called gold mill, electric mill, stone mill, and gold separator. A wet mill is an indispensable machine for grinding certain granular materials into powder or mixing various powder materials into another material. This kind of machinery and equipment is widely used in metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, electric power, refractory and other industries.

Why Choose Our Wet Pan Mills

Wet Pan Mill

Grinding Wheel

Thickened grinding wheel, the material is strong, wear-resistant, durable.

Spindle Drive Shaft

Good aging resistance, durable, stable and reliable










1.  The equipment is easy to use and operate, and suitable for people without foundation.


2. The device consumes little power, has a small footprint, and can be added directly to existing processes.

3. The grinding wheel is made of cast iron, which is heavy and runs smoothly. It can crush the ore to a finer size in a short period to achieve the dissociation of mineral monomers.


4. Detachable, convenient for transportation in narrow road areas.

Wet Pan Mill Working Principle

The gold wet pan mill mainly achieves water balance, uniform proportioning, and low gas content. It improves the molding rate and quality through repeated stirring, rolling, crushing, and rolling of raw materials. It has the characteristics of high density, good strength, and non-porous proportion. This product is used to recycle the tailings in the iron ore process for energy saving and high output so that the ore powder will not be lost and the effective resources can be fully utilized.

Wet Pan Mill


Model Specification(mm)Feeding Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Speed(r/min)Motor(Kw)Weight(Kg)

Frequently Asked Questions

Structural design: The gold mill must ensure a solid structure, good design, safety, and efficiency.

Manufacturing process: Good manufacturing process can ensure that the equipment is durable and the production efficiency is high.

A drying device with a simple structure, sufficient spare parts supply, high reliability, and a long service life is preferred.

Casting process: A good casting process can ensure the high rigidity of casting rollers, roller rings, and rollers. Ensure that the castings are wear-resistant and have good toughness and high density.
Low operating costs: operating costs such as equipment depreciation, energy consumption, maintenance costs, and spare parts costs should be as low as possible.

Wet milling is more complex than dry milling, thanks to the addition of a liquid, but this process also has the power to reduce a product into finer particles. This allows for the production of a greater variety of byproducts and also can result in improved physical properties in your final product.

A wet pan mill is a popular gold and silver ore grinding machine in Africa and South America countries. Because of its low investment, easy use and maintenance, and quick cost recovery.

Belt, grinding base and roller.

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