Swing Feeder

Short Distance Conveying, Not Suitable For Viscous Materials

Our swing feeder is the auxiliary equipment for transportation machinery. It is suitable for short distances and conveying small pieces of materials with a large specific gravity according to a certain amount. The feeding particle size is 35-100 mm. The swing feeder is not suitable for viscous materials.

Brief Intro

The pendulum feeder sends granular materials from the storage tank to various receiving devices through the funnel. The feeding particle size is ≤50mm, and the processing capacity is 25t/h. We can use it in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, and glass ceramics. Applicable materials are copper ore, hematite, limonite, gold ore, iron ore, etc.

Why Choose Our Swing Feeder

swing feeder

Transmission Device




1. Uniform and continuous feeding

This feeding equipment can evenly and continuously feed materials to the next process.

2. Reliable work, long life, light weight, small size, easy maintenance.

3. Suitable for feeding all kinds of non-viscous materials

Suitable for feeding all kinds of non-viscous materials, not ideal for powdery materials with good flow properties.

4. Safe and reliable, with an overload protection device

Equipped with a torque-limiting hydraulic coupling, it can start with a full load and has overload protection.

Swing Feeder Working Principle

When the motor starts, the power is transmitted to the reducer for deceleration through the V-belt. The decelerated power is transmitted to the eccentric wheel with an adjustable eccentric distance. Then the eccentric wheel passes through the connecting rod to drive the pendulum bottom plate to swing in a reciprocating arc so that the feeding port is opened and closed repeatedly. The ore is located in the ore bin above the feeder. Through the inner cavity of the feeder body, the material is discharged out of the machine at a uniform speed to ensure that the ball mill is evenly fed and produced.

swing feeder


ModelEntrance Size(L*W mm)Exit Size(L*W mm)Swinging(mm)Swining Frequence(r/min)Feeding Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(kg)

Frequently Asked Questions

The swind feeder is suitable for short-distance, conveying small pieces of material with a large specific gravity according to a certain amount, and its feeding particle size is below 35-100 mm. It is not suitable for viscous materials.

According to the actual usage, the lubricating oil of the reducer can be changed once every 1-2 months.

Adjusting the eccentric distance of the eccentric pin shaft on the eccentric wheel can change the stroke length of the swing bottom plate, adjust the feeding amount in a wide range, adjust the height of the gate plate of the discharge port, change the size of the discharge port, and adjust the feeding amount. Make precise adjustments.

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