Feeding Machines

Even feeding makes the feeding process efficient

feeding machine working

Mine feeding needs to be fed evenly to maximize production capacity. JXSC’s feeders strictly control the amount of feeding and feed evenly and effectively.

Automated Work

Necessary equipment for the implementation of assembly line automation

Easy Operation

The feeder can change and control the flow rate at any time, which is convenient and time-saving.

Better Throughput

The feeding is relatively uniform and moderate, the continuity is good, and the exciting force can be adjusted.

Fast ROI

Maximize production capacity.

Feeding Machines From JXSC

Frequently Asked Questions

There are belt conveyor, trough feeder, disc feeder, swing feeder, vibrating feeder, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and trough feeder.

Feeders are used to control and meter the flow of materials to meet the specified flow rate of the crushing or process system. The Feeder is generally the first step in designing a crushing/process system to meet the goals required.

Whilechoosing the right kind of feeder, we should consider:

  • Stable performance & Reliable operation;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Long span life & Pollution free with closed body;
  • Good performance-conditioning, so that it can be used in any severe environments.

The swind feeder is suitable for short-distance, conveying small pieces of material with a large specific gravity according to a certain amount, and its feeding particle size is below 35-100 mm. It is not suitable for viscous materials.

The trough feeder can be installed on the ground or hoisted at the discharge port of the silo.

Hanging installation, overall installation, horizontal installation, etc.

When the vibrating feeder is used for batching and quantitative feeding, it should be installed horizontally to ensure uniform and stable feeding and prevent the material from flowing by itself. For continuous feeding of conventional materials, it can be installed 10° downwards. For viscous materials and materials with high water content, they can be installed at an angle of 15°.

The disc feeder is used to transport various non-viscous materials in the form of powder, material, or small pieces with a particle size not greater than 50mm. It is widely used in gold dressing plants, coal mining plants, and chemical industries.

The fixed belt conveyor is the most used in the mining belt conveyor, and the fixed belt conveyor is divided into a flat belt conveyor and a large inclination belt conveyor. Common mining belt conveyors are TD75 belt conveyors, DTII belt conveyors, DTII(A) belt conveyors, and large-angle belt conveyors.

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