Jig Concentrators

High Separation Efficiency And Environment-Friendly Gravity Separator

Our jig concentrator is an energy-saving gravity separation equipment that has been developed and improved. It uses water as the beneficiation medium, and sorts according to the specific gravity difference between useful minerals and gangue. Manufactured by professional engineers, the processing capacity and application range are wide. JXSC jig concentrators can be customized and have good beneficiation effect, which has won unanimous praise from many customers.

Brief Intro

Jig concentrator is one of the ideal gravity separation equipment for coarse-grained mineral beneficiation. It is mainly used in the gravity separation process of gold, tungsten, tin, diamond, tantalum-niobium ore, chromium ore, manganese ore, ilmenite, titanium ore, barite, fluorite ore and other mineral concentrators. It can be used not only for fine-grained materials, but also for coarse materials. And a certain final product can be obtained in one sorting, so it is widely used in production. JXSC jig concentrators can be customized mobile or equipped with other equipment to form a small ore processing plant. It has strong adaptability to a wide range of selected materials, has good separation effect, saves water and electricity, and belongs to a new generation of mine environmental protection beneficiation equipment.

Why Choose Our Jig Concentrators

Jig concentrators

Ore Discharge Method


It can be divided into ore discharge on the sieve and simultaneous ore discharge under the sieve.


Mineral Deposit


There is a layer of mineral deposits on top of the screen. Generally, iron ore with 50% iron content is used as the deposit, and the thickness of the pavement is 10-15cm. Choose fine-grained concentrates and lay thicker deposits. If you choose coarse particles, the ore deposit can be thinner.


Screen Configuration


The screen of the jig concentrator rubs against the ore deposit, and the selection of the screen should be based on the particle size of the concentrate. More than 3-5mm, it can be equipped with manganese steel woven screen. Below 3mm, equipped with slit net, with stainless steel and stainless steel slits.


Transfer Method


The water flow fluctuation curve generated during normal operation is in the form of a sawtooth wave. The cam mechanism is used to drive, and the sawtooth waveform pulsation curve generated makes the upward water flow of the jigging uniform and the downward water flow rapid. It effectively improves the recovery rate of fine-grained useful minerals, and has an excellent beneficiation effect on fine-grained materials.


Moving parts


All moving parts are lubricated by automatic hydraulic oil supply, which ensures the service life and working reliability of the parts.



1. Small footprint, large processing capacity, and high recovery rate of particulate heavy metals.

2. The particle size range of the input minerals is wide, and the 0-30mm particle size minerals can be selected without classification, which meets the requirements of large processing capacity.

3. It can feed dry ore, with low water consumption, forming an environmentally friendly production line, which can adapt to various working environments in arid areas.

4. Simultaneous discharge of materials up and down, continuous work, stable performance.

5. Using wear-resistant materials, the equipment has a long service life.

6. According to the site conditions, the stroke times and strokes can be adjusted within the range.

7. Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, low failure rate.

Jig Concentrators Working Principle

The working principle of the jig concentrator is based on the gravity separation process, using the difference in specific gravity between ore and gangue for separation. Mineral raw materials with different weights have different sedimentation speeds in the vertical alternating water flow, and the minerals with larger specific gravity have faster sedimentation speeds and occupy the lower part of the jig separation tank. Minerals with smaller specific gravity settle slowly and occupy the upper part of the sorting tank. Minerals with different light and heavy weights are discharged separately through special weir plates, and the effect of separation according to specific gravity is realized.

Jig concentrators


ModelJig Area (M2)Stroke (R/Min)Feeding size (mm)Hutch Water ( T/H)Pressure Water (kg/cm2)Capacity;(T/H)Power;(KW)Overall dimensions (mm)Weight (T)


Frequently Asked Questions

The feeding size of jig concentrator is 0-25mm, for the +25mm will need to screen and crush, and if the raw materials with much sticky clay, will need to wash first.

The capacity of the centrifugal can be from 1-40 tons per hour per set.

The jig concentrator is normally used for separate the gold,PGM group, diamond, gemstones and other minerals ore.

The materials will normally use the slurry pump or belt conveyor feed into the jig concentrator, the flow capacity of the slurry pump is three time of the capacity of the jig concentrator.

The jig concentrator will need one set water pump just for the backwash water,different capacity will need different water pumps. the feeding density is 0-50%, the feeding water for the jig concentrator is 1-2 times of the capacity.

The jig concentrator separate the heavy minerals base on the big density difference between the heavy minerals and waste sand, the water will running in high speed in the jig, the light elements will wash away by the backwash water from  the tailing, the heavy minerals will discharge from the concentrate chute.

One type is discharge under screen,when the jig concentrator full of concentrate will need to clean by manual; one type is discharge up screen, the concentrate can be discharged automatically.

The jig concentrator will be shipped in the whole part, just do the civil foundation works at the mine site, the foundation drawing will be offered, installation will be easy.

The production time is about 15-20 days, the voltage is 380v, three phases, 50hz. If the voltage is customized, the production time will need 25-30 days. The guarantee is for 12 months.

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