JXSC’s team is the real heroes behind our success. Know more about the people that allow us to fulfill your diverse project demands.
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We are Making a Difference for the Mineral Industry

Experts all across the Board

Honed by more than two decades of industry expertise, our designers, engineers, and other team members deeply understand what each market needs to excel. We bring our skills to the table in an effort to help mine owners, engineers, and traders achieve efficient and profitable production at affordable prices.

Same Thing, Different Outcome with the us

Collaboration with our experts will ensure high-quality mining processing equipment made specifically for your market.
Seasoned designers offer a reasonable production line layout based on your specifications, while skilled technicians rigorously inspect the equipment for accurate and reliable output at all times.

Meet Our Team

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Design & Engineering

Expertise:20 Years of expertise, professors of Metallurgy University

Duty: Layout design, equipment engineering, processes optimization

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Project Managers

Expertise:10 Years of expertise, 98% satisfaction rate.
Duty: Project management, value-added services, after-sale support.
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Expertise:20 Years of expertise, Senior technicians
Duty: Installation, commissioning, training, after-sales.
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We're Right Here Waiting for You

We take unparalleled service as our top priority and do our best to solve your problems.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements is key for seamless collaboration. Through industry experience, quick response to inquiries, and reliable technical support, we bring a level of expertise to your business that will boost you forward.

Values in Every Mind of JXSC


Get industrial mining processing equipment tailored exactly to meet your demands, along with comprehensive and real-time support from industry experts.


We listen intently to your demands, applying our expertise to meet and exceed them while making sure you’re happy with the results.


Each department works closely with the next, following a foolproof production outline and inspection protocols that guarantee fast and consistent output.


We conduct rigorous studies to address current and future industry concerns, continuously raising the bar in industrial mining processing equipment manufacturing.

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