High Intensity Magnetic Separators

Strong Efficient Iron Removal And Weak Magnetic Mineral Separation

Our strong magnetic separator combines high-strength permanent magnetic field with gravity and controllable feeding, which can effectively separate weak magnetic minerals. The magnetic rollers of JXSC strong magnetic separator can be combined according to building block type, roller diameter and roller length. The magnetic separator can be selected according to the specific magnetic susceptibility coefficient requirements, particle size and processing capacity of the separated minerals.

Brief Intro

Our high-intensity magnetic separator is designed to reduce the content of iron impurities in non-magnetic materials, or purify iron minerals. It is mainly used to separate weak magnetic ores such as hematite, siderite, manganese ore, tungsten ore, tantalum and niobium ore. There are also iron removal and purification of non-metallic minerals such as quartz sand, feldspar ore, refractory materials, ceramic raw materials, zircon sand, beach black sand, monazite ore, rutile ore, and silica sand. This equipment is the latest water-type magnetic separator developed by JXSC factory, which fully uses water energy to improve the quality of ore beneficiation.

Why Choose Our High Intensity Magnetic Separators

High intensity magnetic separators

High Performance Material


High-performance NdFeB rare earth magnetic materials are selected, and the extruded magnetic circuit design is adopted, with high magnetic induction intensity and large magnetic field gradient.


Feed Position


The wet feed is fed from the side of the machine with a brush, and the dry feed is fed from the top of the machine with a belt or brush.


Controllable Feeding And Discharging


The controllable feeding system ensures the uniformity of the material flowing through the magnetic field. The conveyor belt is made of special material with good wear resistance. Adjusting the angle of the vibrating feeding tray can control the output size.


Mineral Conveyor Belt


We use imported high-strength ultra-thin conveyor belts. The transmission sorting belt protects the magnetic roller, free from wear and not easy to demagnetize.


1. The selected particle size is large, the gradient is high, and the sorting efficiency is strong.

2. Continuous ore feeding and high magnetic field strength ore discharge.

3. The control box is equipped with speed display, motor inverter, feeder controller, easy to observe operation and process control.

4. 1-4 layers of magnetic rollers are optional to meet the magnetic separation requirements of different production capacity and precision.

5. Driven by the electromagnetic vibrator, the noise is low.

6. Low power consumption, no eddy current in the roller, small transmission power, no clogging.

7. The length of the magnetic roller can be changed arbitrarily according to the user’s needs, and double rollers, multi-rollers, and magnetic rollers can be configured for frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

8. Drum and magnetic roller speeds can be adjusted to meet wider particle size and output requirements.

High Intensity Magnetic Separators Working Principle

The material passes through the feeder and is evenly fed into the sorting belt surface. It enters the sorting magnetic roller under the drag of uniform belt speed. Since the non-magnetic particles are not affected by the magnetic force, they move parabolicly under the action of gravity and fall into the non-magnetic product receiving trough. The magnetic particles stick to the belt surface of the sorting magnetic roller area due to the attraction of a large magnetic force. It is taken away from the magnetic roller area by the sorting belt. It falls into the magnetic product receiving trough, thus realizing the separation of magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

High intensity magnetic separators


ModelCylinder Size (mm)Capability (t/h)power (kw)


Frequently Asked Questions

We need to know the following information:

(1) What minerals are sorted?

(2) What is the maximum feed size?

(3) How much capacity is required?

(1) Pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound, vibration or heat in the rotating part. Clean the lubricant once a year and refuel the gearbox quarterly.

(2) Pay attention to whether the wire ends of the electrical parts are loose, damp, or hot, and clean them frequently to keep them clean.

The recovery mineral grade is determined by the quality of the raw ore. It can be properly improved by adjusting the control switch board.

The magnetic roller is 360-degree full magnetic, so it needs to assist ore unloading. Commonly used ore unloading methods include belt unloading and brush unloading. We can choose the appropriate unloading method according to the nature of the ore selected by the user.

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