Dewatering Machines

Superior Dewatering for Improved Results and High Efficiency

Dewatering Machines

Concentrates and tailings of minerals from various treatment methods require dewatering to make the pulp products lighter and easier to transport to facilities.  Engaged in the production and sales of dewatering equipment since 1985, JXSC founded as a dewatering machine manufacturer and produces various dewatering machines, including dewatering screens, rotary dryers, and thickeners.


Materials such as sand, hard rock, precious metals, coal, iron ore, and other granular materials can be processed through a dewatering screen.

Low Maintenance

We make our dewatering machines more durable with premium raw materials and place advanced motors to minimize downtime.

Better Throughput

Thanks to our production of advanced components, we enable our machines to dewater based on the size you need.

Fast ROI

We customize the screening method of each machine according to mineral material and density to ensure high recovery.

Dewatering Machines From JXSC

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: we have various kinds of dewatering machines such as spiral dewatering machines, dewatering screen, hydrocyclone, filter machine etc.

According to customers’ requirements and budget, we will recommend the best suitable one.

Answer: Yes,  the water can be recycled for reuse after dewatering.

Answer: it depends on which kind of dewatering machine is used. Using a different dewatering machine has a different dewatering effect.

Answer: Thickener and disc vacuum filter are widely used in concentrate dewatering. Thickener is for adjusting slurry concentration that is required by disc vacuum filters. Disc vacuum filters us for filtration water.

Answer: If a customer doesn’t have a high requirement on water content, can use a spiral dewatering machine or dewatering screen or combined use of both machines.

if customer has high requirements on water content, can use thickener and plate type filter

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