Gravity Separators

Superior Gravity Separation for Improved Results and High Efficiency

Gravity Separators

Gravity separators sort various materials through a rectangular deck and sort them according to specific density and weight. JXSC gravity separators are designed to separate materials such as tungsten, ore, coal, and chromite with efficiency and speed that improves mining operations. Each machinery is designed to have an extensive service life and require less maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact your premier gravity separator manufacturer today!


Increase Capacity

Large decks on our gravity separators can sort more materials for a streamline operation.

Low Maintenance

Made from high-grade steel and other materials, our gravity separators require less maintenance for low downtime on operation.

Better Throughput

The optimized air flow and movement of the deck ensure accurate sorting of materials by weight and density.

Fast ROI

The efficient gravity separation process of JXSC equipment leads to low labor costs and fast turnover.

Gravity Separators From JXSC

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We have many various kinds of gravity separators such as jig machine, centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute separator, shaking table, sluice box etc.

Answer: Jig machine, centrifugal concentrator, shaking table, sluice box all are suitable for recovering gold. Jig machine is suitable for recovering coarse gold, the centrifugal concentrator is suitable for recovering fine gold below 5mm. Shaking table is a fine separation machine for gold concentrate aimed to further increase gold content. Sluice box is for recovering coarse gold and tailing gold.

Answer: Jig machine is widely used in diamond processing lines, it can effectively separate diamond concentrate from sand by gravity principle.

Answer: Jig machine, spiral chute separator and shaking table are widely used in coltan tin processing lines. Jig and spiral chute are primary concentration, shaking table is fine separation aimed to further increase the grade of coltan tin.

Answer: The working principle of gravity separation equipment is to use the difference in specific gravity between different minerals and separate different minerals by gravity or centrifugal force to achieve separation.

Answer: According to minerals particle size, processing capacity and customer’s requirements for beneficiation effect, we will recommend the best suitable gravity separator machine to you.

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