Magnetic Separators

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Magnetic Separators

JXSC is well known by customers all over the world as a leading magnetic separator manufacturer. JXSC magnetic separator utilizes magnetized grates, plates, traps, drums, and pulleys to separate minerals from the slurry. All of our magnetic separators are made from reliable components and materials to ensure efficient sorting of minerals for optimized mining operations.

In addition, our certified factory with its 30,000 sq.m. of mineral processing equipment factories can accomplish volume orders of magnetic separators with a short lead time.

Superior Separation

The unique and modular design enables superior separation selectivity and improved recovery of fine and ultrafine particles.

Low Maintenance

Our magnetic separator is made from high-quality permanent magnets and can achieve a long service life.

Better Throughput

The design of our magnetic separator allows for efficient sorting of magnetic metal and mineral.

Fast ROI

The separation capabilities of our magnetic separator can lead to a fast return in a fast timeframe.

Our Range of Magnetic Separators

High Intensity Magnetic Separators

Capacity: 0.2-9 TPH
Power: 0.37-1.5kw

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: we have drum type magnetic separator, roller type high intensity magnetic separator, three disc dry magnetic separator, plate magnetic separator and high gradient magnetic separator.

Answer: magnetite iron ore belongs to strong intensity magnetic mineral, so need to use drum type magnetic separator.

Answer: hematite iron ore belongs to weak intensity magnetic mineral, so need to use roller type strong intensity magnetic separator.

Answer: plate magnetic separator and high gradient magnetic separator are widely used in removing Fe2O3 from silica sand.

Answer: Choose the appropriate magnetic separator according to the magnetic permeability of the material, the feed particle size and whether the customer wants a dry or wet process.

Answer: Under the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic minerals undergo magnetic aggregation to form a “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain”. The “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” is affected by the magnetic force in the pulp and moves to the magnetic pole, and is adsorbed on the magnetic drum/roller. Since the polarities of the magnetic poles are arranged alternately along the direction of rotation of the drum/roller, and they are fixed during operation, when the “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” rotates with the drum/roller, magnetic stirring occurs due to the alternation of magnetic poles, and is mixed in the The non-magnetic minerals in the “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” fall off during the turning, and the “magnetic group” or “magnetic lotus” that is finally absorbed on the surface of the drum/ roller is the concentrate. This is the working principle for magnetic separators.

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