JXSC stays on top of the industry by constantly implementing fresh and updated processes on our industrial mineral processing equipment.
Dedicated engineers are designing & engineering, mineral processing equipment

Innovation For Higher Beneficiation, For Bigger Profit

The mineral processing industry has always looked at JXSC as the source of major innovations. For more than 30 years, our large talent portfolio and constant drive to create and innovate have pushed the bar in cutting-edge industrial mineral processing equipment.
We utilize an established R&D process for fundamental research to update existing products. Regular client feedback also gives us a deeper insight into industry demands, guiding us in developing solutions that reduce resource consumption while optimizing output.

Make Your Equipment Better than Better

Modular Design

Known worldwide for robust design and engineering, JXSC designs and builds modular systems and mobile processing plants that cater to a wide range of minerals. The mobile wash plant, for example, is ideal for smaller operations, while our multi-layer shaking table is perfect for mines with compact spaces.

Shaking tables

Multi-layer Shaking Table

P02 S04 Thickeners 资料图

Recycled Water Thickeners

Water Saving

Flowing water is an important part of any mineral processing setup. Unfortunately, not all mining areas have direct access to water. Considering this challenge, we develop equipment that has water recycling and water-saving features, reducing water consumption while achieving the ideal output.

Energy Saving

To reduce energy consumption and labor costs, proper planning of parameters and performance of the equipment is a critical part of our production line design. Additionally, we constantly optimize our machines and mechanical design, improving its overall production output.

Our Innovative Equipment

Patents at a Glance

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