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Trommel screens also known as rotary screens are versatile screening equipment that separates various materials among the mining, quarry, aggregate, and earth moving industry. As your reliable trommel screens manufacturer, JXSC offers trommel screen machines that accurately classify materials into multiple sizes from one unit according to their sizes and density.

Brief Intro

Trommel screens are innovative mining rotary screens that separate materials according to their sizes. This mining equipment’s cylinders are divided into sections with different mesh holes. The mesh holes on the cylinders extract materials with the required size, which can be transported by a conveyer underneath the drum for further processing. Larger materials, such as dust, ores, and coals, move toward the drum’s end.

Why Choose Our Trommel Screens

Trommel Screens

Base Frame


We use heavy, more stable and thicker steel plates for our trommel screens.


Screen Mesh


Our trommel screen has two layers of screen mesh. The outer one is thick and durable manganese steel screen. Steel inner layer bar grizzly screen inside the drum is utilized in the trommel screen to protect the outer layer manganese woven screen mesh.


Center Shaft Drive

Gear drives are used for bigger model. Sprocket chain are used to drive smaller model.


Feeding Hopper

The feeding hopper can be equipped with a screen and a water spray pipe.


Discharge Chute

With discharge chute and under-screen slurry receiving chute.


Water Spray


Our trommel screens have water spray pipes inside and outside the drum, which can effectively clear minerals.



●It is a highly economically viable option adequately suitable for small to large volume processing gold mining wash plants.

●The screen features various filters for different heavy-duty drums that ensure the complete separation of fine materials.

●The design has end-user flexibility that allows for screen replacements depending on mesh sizes, mini trommel, small trommel screen for sale.

●Multiple layers of screen to enhance the sifting process.

●It features changeable screen plates so that worn-out trommel screen parts can be replaced.

●Trommel screen has high efficiency and a big capacity for different volumes of materials.

●The screen is uniquely designed to facilitate higher capacities, provide longer screen life, and avoid material clogging.


Working Principle

The trommel screen uses a motor on the drum axis to rotate at a specific speed. This creates a centrifugal force to move the materials around the drum and come into contact with the screen. Mesh holes on the cylinder separate and sieves materials according to their sizes. Unqualified materials are removed from the drum body after the process. Removed materials are transferred for further processing.

trommel screen working principle


ModelCapacity (t/h)Power(kw)Drum diameter(mm)Drum length(mm)Screen size(mm)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)
GTL102015-205.5100020003400*1320* 19802500
GTL143050-6011140030005600* 1650*23404800
GTL153060-8011150030005535* 1860*25205200
GTL154580-1 5015150045007040*1 900*25256000

Frequently Asked Questions

-According to those aspects: which kind of material /mineral? with much sticky clay or not? feeding size? Output size required?

 -12 Months for machine main parts, not include spare parts

-20-30 days depends on model, normally 25 days

-Gear drive for the bigger model,Sprocket chain drive smaller model,Better than center shaft drive if you are used for mining or sand washing plants.

-If your material has some red soil, we suggest you can use the trommel scrubber washing machine, which is better for washing. Because the red soil is kind of sticky actually.

-Three kinds of screen material can be used. We can manufacture it based on your material situation and requirement.

A) PU screen

B)  Manganese steel

C)Stainless steel

-Yes, we can design the water pipes around the screen drum according to your requirement.

-Yes, no problem, any capacity is ok for mobile type.

-Normally we suggest preparing the screen for standby.

-Yes,it can be manufactured with a diesel engine if the drum diameter is less than 1800mm. If the drum diameter is bigger than 1800mm, then the diesel engine is kind of too difficult to drive.In that way, we suggest you can use a diesel generator to supply the power.

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