Professional Mineral Testing

Offering top-notch mineral testing, JXSC provides the latest technology in metal essaying, lab analysis, and testing for ferrous and non-ferrous minerals.

Where the High Beneficiation Start with

Precision in mineral testing is essential for a successful mining project. Studying the sample will provide an accurate analysis of whether the site is optimal for high mineral recovery. Identifying the specific mineral deposit and its dimension shall determine the machinery and chemicals needed according to the process and the multiple stages of plant operations.
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Mineral Testing Counts

Guide the Equipment Selection

We design and engineer equipment specific to the mining process. Ores’ chemical and physical properties, feed size, and output is the specification that affects the design of our equipment to promote efficiency and high performance.

Guide the Equipment Layout & Process

We lay out the equipment with the data obtained from the test as our basis. With the geography and the geological environment in mind, the mining process can be efficient and create less impact on the ecology.

Realize High ROI

Precise lab analysis and testing provide a detailed metal essay to determine the project’s feasibility. Specialized testing equipment will provide the data needed for a much more accurate return on investment estimate.

Get High Mineral Recovery

Our expert designers and seasoned engineers with decades of experience and excellent debugging skills in designing and creating calibrated mechanical equipment ensure good mineral output at a high capacity with efficiency and precision.

How it Works

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Accept Raw Material

A project starts with the clients providing a certain number of mineral samples from potential mining sites. Multiple samples are required to test the proposed sites’ geological and geographical status.

mineral testing

Conduct Mineral Testing

As the samples are gathered, next is conducting lab testing to understand better the specific components like ore structure, minerals, and ore types identifying the chemical properties and density of the crude ore.

mineral testing report

Provide Testing Report

A rough test report is provided to initiate the design of the mineral processing equipment base on the initial report. Our engineers and designers design equipment with specifications according to the test results.


Mineral Experts in the Testing Lab

Our Four Pillars of Professional Mineral Testing

mineral testing lab

Advanced Mineral Lab

JXSC uses the latest mineral testing process to provide fast and accurate test results. Our advanced laboratory provides a comprehensive scope of mineral testing, identifying different ores.

mineral testing facilities

Fully-equipped Facilities

Our facility is equipped with the state of the art technology in mineral testing and processing. We have the best crusher, fine grinder, dryer, roaster, and spectrometer for test processing.

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Tight Cooperation with University

JXSC partners with the mineral processing university in Jiangxi in our lab testing. We provide the university and the students with an excellent learning opportunity with this endeavor.

seasoned engineers

Broad Mineral Know-how

With over 30 years in the mining equipment manufacturing industry, we have a broad knowledge of the mining industry. JXSC is willing to share our knowledge about the industries.


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