Cone Crushers

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Our cone crusher is a highly productive and energy-efficient fine crushing equipment. The combination of high speed, stroke and crushing chambers of various specifications, strong lamination crushing force, can be applied to crushing plants for various materials. JXSC has single-cylinder, multi-cylinder hydraulic, spring, symons comprehensive cone crushers, which can meet the crushing requirements of different customers.

Brief Intro

Cone crushers are suitable for sand and gravel quarries, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plants, highway construction, water conservancy projects, construction gravel and other industries. It is widely used in various medium-hard rocks and ores such as pebbles, granite, basalt, copper ore, iron ore, limestone and other sand making plants. It is often used for medium, fine, and super fine crushing. Our cone crushers can be customized to be mobile types, which makes the crushing production line highly automated and the finished product grain shape is excellent. It adopts hydraulic protection and cavity cleaning device, which is safe and reliable, and the production efficiency reaches the best.

Why Choose Our Cone Crushers

Cone crushers

Sealed Design


The seal of this machine is sealed with lubricating grease, which avoids the disadvantages of easy blockage of water supply and drainage system and the defect of easy mixing of water and oil.


lubrication Device


It adopts large-diameter main shaft, heavy-duty main frame and independent thin oil lubrication automatic control system. Through the use of hydraulic insurance, hydraulic locking, hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic cavity clearing and other devices, the operation becomes easier to automate. The trouble-free operation rate exceeds 95%.


Hydraulic System


The machine has a hydraulic system to adjust the size of the discharge port of the crusher, and the hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment. When there is foreign matter in the crushing cavity, the hydraulic system can make the movable cone move down automatically.


Sliding Bearings


All components can be disassembled from above or from the side. Using sliding bearings, it not only has better load-carrying performance, but also is more economical and easier to maintain.


Safety Device


The over-iron protection device can ensure that the machine quickly resumes normal operation after the sundries pass through the crushing chamber.



1. Large crushing ratio, high production capacity, high degree of automation, and good particle shape of the finished product.

2. The application of the cone crusher is flexible, there is no requirement for the humidity of the material, and it is suitable for processing any hard sand and minerals.

3. Strong lamination crushing strength, multi-standard crushing cavity selection and strong adaptability.

4. The key components are high wear-resistant and compressive raw materials with long service life.

5. A spring-type overload protection device allows foreign objects and iron pieces to pass through the crushing cavity without harming the crusher.

6. The hydraulic cavity cleaning system is adopted, which is easy to operate and reduces downtime.

7. The unique dust-proof sealing structure prolongs the replacement cycle of lubricating oil and the service life of parts.

8. Special rare lubrication system design, stable performance, low maintenance cost and long service life.

Cone Crushers Working Principle

When the cone crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the V-belt, large pulley, transmission shaft, small bevel gear, and large bevel gear. The axis line of the crushing cone rotates and swings under the force of the eccentric shaft sleeve, so that the surface of the crushing wall sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the rolling socket wall. So that the material is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the annular crushing chamber composed of the fixed cone and the moving cone and crushed. After repeated extrusion, impact and bending, the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged through the lower part.

Cone crusher



Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher:


ModelCavityStandard TypeShort TypePower(KW)Capacity (T/H)
Feeding Size (mm)Min Discharging Size (mm)Feeding Size (mm)Min Discharging Size (mm)
HP200Super coarse////132-20090-250
Coarse 185197610
Super Fine//105
HP300Super coarse23025//180-250115-440
Coarse 210207510
Super Fine//206
HP400Super coarse29530//280-355140-630
Coarse 250259010
Super Fine//306
HP500Super coarse33030//355-450175-790
Coarse 285259013
Super Fine//356
HP800Super coarse35332//550-630260-1200
Coarse 2973215513
Super Fine////


Symons Cone Crusher:


ModelCavity TypeStroce(mm)Max.Feeding Size(mm)Dischsrge Opening Adjusted Scope(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)
DN1650Z-DMedium Coarse3424025-50240-55025035
DN1400z-DMedium Coarse3021525-50200-50022025
DN1400Z-XMedium Coarse2518022-45180-47522025

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring cone crushers, Symons cone crushers, Compound cone crushers, Single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers.

Granite, basalt, andesite, cobble stone, river stone, mountain stone, and various ores.

(1) The material of the spring cone crusher is relatively uniform, in the shape of a cube, and the wear of the working surface of the moving cone is also relatively uniform.

(2) The Simmons cone crusher has a good particle size composition, the proportion of cubes in the product is significantly increased, needle-like stones are reduced, and the particle size is more uniform.

(3) The compound cone crusher has uniform particle size.

(4) Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers adopt a unique crushing cavity shape and laminated crushing principle to produce crushing effect between particles, so that the proportion of cubes in the finished product is significantly increased, needle-like stones are reduced, and the particle size is more uniform.

(5) The finished product of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has extremely high particle grading and cubic particle structure.

Iron removal is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of crushing equipment. In the process of daily use, daily maintenance is required, and attention should be paid to reasonable use to avoid damage to the machine.

One year warranty, not including wearing parts.

20-40 days, usually 30 days.

Usually driven by an electric motor, it can also be powered by a diesel generator.

Choose according to the hardness of raw materials, the particle size of raw materials, the particle size requirements of finished products, and the processing capacity requirements.

Famous domestic brands or other foreign brands.

Famous domestic brands or other foreign brands.

Mantle, concave, distribution plate, cutting ring, spindle nut.


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