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Our dewatering screens emit vibrations to separate solid parts from slurry feeds to produce consistently drip-free products. As such, our dewatering screens are fit for hard rocks, salt, iron ore, industrial sands, and other granular materials.


 We design our dewatering screens to readily handle multiple applications, such as dewatering, desliming, degritting, rinsing, scrubbing, sizing, and washing, reducing labor and space usage.

Brief Intro

Able to prevent dripping within the slurry feeds, our dewatering screens help with the dry discharge of tailings, slurry recovery, and sand washing. Thanks to two powerful double-vibration motors, our dewatering screens operate with enough power for long periods without giving out.

Why Choose Our Dewatering Screens

Dewatering Screens

Screen Box


The screen box structure is simple and compact with tough stiffness, high strength. And the force distribution is distributed evenly within the dewatering screen.



Vibration Exciter

We use oil vibration exciter for our dewatering screen. The box is cast structure, with built-in high precision helical gear, built-in lubricating oil, and special bearing. You can add lubricating oil every 1500 hours to save manpower and material resources.


Rubber Spring


Natural rubber spring.

Uniform compression.

Excellent damping and storage effect.

Small foundation impact.

Longer spring life.



PU Screen


PU screen is lightweight and much lighter than the weight of the steel screen , so as to reduce the screen machine load, save power consumption, and can extend the life of the high-frequency screen.


Pu screens have modular gusset plate installation and easy disassembly.



●High efficiency, strong vibrating force and large capacity.

●Simple structure and easy operation and maintenance.

●45° angle install increases the dewatering area.

●Vibrating frequency is adjustable to meet different ores.

●Torsional shear type high strength bolts are used between side plates and beam, with no welding gap that avoids side plates cracking during vibrating.

●Polyurethane screen with better elasticity and fewer blocks. The PU side-push plates protect the equipment from the rushing material and guard the long life of the whole device.

Working Principle

As part of a larger system for reducing water content in slurries, dewatering screens send the slurries down a steep, declined screen surface. The screens vibrate encourages water to drip from the mixture, which goes back up an incline. With a discharging weir, our dewatering system allows the material to pass through in a cleaner, drier form and removes the used water during rinsing.

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ModelLayerMesh size(mm)Feeding size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Double-amplitude(mm)Vibration angle (°)Power(Kw)


Frequently Asked Questions

the feeding size to the dewatering is 0-50mm, more smaller more efficient

the capacity of the dewatering screen can be from 5-250 tons per hour per set

the materials will normally use the slurry pump to the dewatering screen, or flow automatically from the front machine

the maximum layers of the dewatering screen is two layers PU screen

The dewatering screen will be shipped in whole part, just do the civil foundation works at the mine site, the foundation drawing will be offered, installation will be easy.

The production time is about 7-15 days, the voltage is 380v, three phases, 50hz. If the voltage is customized, the production time will need 15-20 days. The guarantee is for 12 months.

check the vibration exciter everyday, add oil for the bearing, replace the damage screen etc…

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